Fitness Trackers and Sports Watches with Heart Rate Monitoring

Those of us trying to lose weight can benefit from a Fitness Tracker or Sports Watch, both offering basic tracking like number of steps, workout tracking / coaching, sleep monitoring, GPS, water resistance, and,of course, time (if it’s a watch). But for us, the most important feature will be heart monitoring. After all, we’re putting new stress on our bodies and that puts demands on our lungs, which in turn puts a big demand on our heart.

How to Use Smoothies to Lose the Weight After Pregnancy

Women have the most incredible challenges when it comes to dealing with weight issues, especially after childbirth. The video shows an example of this and the solutions Amanda tried before finally finding the solution that worked. 2 pregnancies, 70 pound weight gain. What to do? She searched, and finally found a solution, the Smoothie Diet. Also great fas a secret weapon or the holidays.

Increase Your Metabolism And Decrease Your Appetite With This Fat-Burning Food Group

If you remove some carbs and put in some protein – nothing too radical; even as little as trading 30 grams per day of carbs for 30 grams of lean protein – this small change in your diet may decrease your appetite, decrease your body fat and help you keep the fat off after you lose it.