Author: Brien Lee

Brien Lee is an expert in weight loss- after all, he has lost weight dozens of times in his 70 years on this earth. After a heart "episode", he realized that he would have to lose weight one more time, except this time, he swore not to regain it. After three years, he has kept this commitment.

This tiny seed removes 11lbs in first 7 days

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Exoburn to Lose Pounds Now!

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Your doctor lied to you… You do NOT need to fix your diet to lose weight. Do THIS instead.. Then do merely nothing else! No workouts. No fasting. And no ludicrous surgery needed. =Just do THIS in the morning… And…


Scientists Discover A ShockingNew Cause Of Belly Fat, AndIt’s Not What You Think… Are you struggling to lose weight no matter how much you diet or exercise? Turns out, it’s not your fault. In 2023, after studying over 170 years of…

The E-Factor Diet Mixes Keto / Paleo with Common Sense

Are you panicking yet that summer is right around the corner? Are you suddenly wishing you hadn’t eaten that extra piece of pecan pie, all the candy in your stocking, the entire box of Valentine’s chocolates you got, and all your kid’s Easter candy? 

Yes, you’re not alone.

The Keto Diet Cookbook

The Sublime Keto Cookbook Comes With 121 Delicious Yet Easy Keto Recipes & 2 Bonus Books Spend 75% Less Time In The Kitchen While Making Delicious Keto Meals The Whole Family Will Love…   Read on to discover how I’ve done all the…

Soup Diet for You!

Delicious soups

These people have devised a program where they’re constantly coming up with new and tasty soups for dieting, and the results are wild! Here’s an excerpt from a WOMAN’S WORLD article: