How to Use Smoothies to Lose the Weight After Pregnancy

How to Use Smoothies to Lose the Weight After PregnancyWomen have the most incredible challenges when it comes to dealing with weight issues, especially after childbirth. The video shows an example of this and the solutions Amanda tried before finally finding the solution that worked. 2 pregnancies, 70 pound weight gain. What to do? She searched, and finally found a solution, the Smoothie Diet. Turns out smoothies are the perfect weight loss secret weapon…especially for WOMEN! No wonder why celebrities like The Housewives and The Kardashians swear by these “magical” green drinks to keep them slim all-year-round. The Smoothie Diet by Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert Drew Sgoutas, CHC, AADP, seems to offer a real solution to use smoothies to Lose the Weight! They have been part of my arsenal for the last 4 years!

Supplies Needed

The Smoothie Diet

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies

The only thing left is a good smoothie maker, and the Ninja is 1000 watt rated, and comes with a complete set of cups and supplies for smoothies of all types and sizes.

Step by Step Instructions

This diet plan is simple, and provides the recipes and plans to make your use of the Smoothie Diet simple, straightforward, delicious, and satisfying. And it's a real secret weapon during the holidays, when temptation is everywhere.

The benefits are real: significant weight loss, the energy boost you'll get from the fruits, vegetables and flavorings that make up the drinks, and see-it-in-the mirror results. The plan is easy, you get great support, and the information is ongoing. You can't lose, in that YOU WILL LOSE. And to get you started, there's a 3 Day Detox included!

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