The Benefits of Proper Diet and Exercise and the Aging Process

By Elaine Gurda  |   Submitted On November 15, 2011

Expert Author Elaine Gurda

Recent studies have shown that proper diet and exercise is an important factor in fighting the aging process. Our health has become a priority in our lives and becomes more and more important as we age. The many benefits of diet and exercise include slowing down, stopping or even reversing the aging process as well as increased longevity.

We have all heard about how important exercise is. Exercise has been proven to slow down or even stop the aging process. However, it is important to find the right type of exercise to keep the body well organized. Working out and breaking a sweat helps the body slow down the deterioration that happens with the aging process. In fact, walking at a brisk pace is one of the best over-all exercises and is also very beneficial to the entire body. No matter what age, regular exercise increases the life span and improves the body function. We see this happen more and more as we get older. Exercising to the point of breaking a sweat prevents disease and ailments by strengthening the immune system. Exercise reduces the free radical damages to the body’s cells, thereby stopping the damage to the cell and stopping the aging process.

Diet is another extremely important factor in slowing down or stopping the aging process. There are many foods that are beneficial to this process. These foods help our bodies by providing minerals, vitamins and resources to fight and delay the natural aging process, from the top of our head to the tip of our toes! 5 servings a day will make a difference. These are the food and beverages that will keep our bodies healthy and enable us to remain physically active far beyond our years.

· Avocados have healthy fats to improve cholesterol

· Green vegetables help with high blood pressure

· Stick to leafy or deeply green vegetables

· Beans are a healthy protein and antioxidant and are very good for your heart and arteries

· Walnuts contain Omega3. Just 1-2 handfuls a day will work wonders

· Dark Chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate and has healthy chemicals that the body needs

· Berries are natural antioxidants with chemicals that the body uses to repair and prevent aging

· Water is the best beverage for hydration. 6-8 glasses a day is recommended

· Green Tea is known for healthy heart and is beneficial for weight loss

· Red wine contains Resveratrol that helps to fight age-related illnesses. 1-2 glasses a day is recommended

Select a diet and exercise program that works for you and fits within your schedule. There are many exercise programs that can be done at home, and there is always the gym membership. I recently heard about a man who is 115 years old and works out at the local Senior Center. I have also know women, as old as 82, who ran up mountain trails! It’s a matter of starting at a young age and keeping it up as you get older.

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