Soup Diet for You!

I was at my local QUICK-CHEK convenience store to buy some soup for lunch, and I noticed something interesting– the two lowest calorie soups per cup were chicken noodle, which I love, and vegetable bean chili, which I also love. The calories for 5 soups went like this:

  • Vegetable chili: 80 calories
  • Chicken Noodle: 140 calories
  • Creamy Chicken: 240 Calories
  • Thanksgiving Soup: 350 calories
  • Regular Chili: 400 calories

Uh, Wha?! What an eye-opener! I mean, I like food, lots of it, and I could eat 3 cups of vegetable chili and not even put a dent in my calorie count for the day!

I did a little searching on the web and found out about a formal diet program that incorporates soup as its main component (plus other “real” foods): FATBURNINGSOUPRECIPES.COM.

These people have devised a program where they’re constantly coming up with new and tasty soups for dieting, and the results are wild! Here’s an excerpt from a WOMAN’S WORLD article: 

“Why it works: When readers tested this soup diet for us, the average woman lost nine pounds a week, with our biggest loser dropping 16. That’s roughly double the amount reported when we tested the old Cabbage Soup Diet! Greger says credit goes to the soup itself and what’s inside (and not inside) his soup. For starters, studies show that we burn a lot more calories breaking down unprocessed food — about 65 extra calories for a main course alone. On top of that, eating only plant foods loads us with enough nutrients to spike metabolism even as we sleep. Research suggests plant-based dieters have an 11 percent higher resting metabolic rate. There’s more: All the fiber in unprocessed plant food kills hunger and is proven to rev the growth of “skinny bacteria” in our digestive tracts, a factor linked to effortless weight control and diet longevity.

Now let’s talk soup. Lab tests demonstrate that its unique mix of solids suspended in liquid sends stop-eating signals to our brains faster than any other food. The effect is dramatic enough that in a Penn State study, dieters incorporating soup into their diets twice daily lost 50 percent more weight than those who didn’t. So when you combine soup and plant-based eating, you’re taking an approach that’s already mega-effective and making it work dramatically better.”

So there’s the science of it. I urge you to take a look at this. by clicking here. It may be worth at least a short term try.

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