Exercises and Workouts – Three Ways To Help Optimize Your Posture

Exercises and Workouts - Three Moves To Help Optimize Your PostureDo you want to maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body? Good posture could help here. Maintaining good posture is a must for anyone who is looking to feel and look their best. Simply by standing up straight, you can easily take 10 or even more pounds off your frame – or rather make it appear so.

Good posture will also form the basis upon which you can strengthen all your other muscle groups as good posture is what will hold you through all the other exercises you are carrying out in your workout routine. Therefore, putting emphasis on posture building exercises in your workout routine is a must.

Which moves earn top marks for optimal posture? Let us look at the list of exercises you need to consider…

1. Reverse Flyes. When you work too much on your chest and front delts, you will have the risk of your shoulders rolling forward, changing your posture into a hunched over position. To help you avoid this, focus on reverse flyes, which hit the rear delt head and help pull your shoulders back, opening up your chest. When this muscle is strengthened, you will maintain better balance, and your shoulders will stay in their correct position.

2. Back Hyperextensions. When your lower back and spinal erectors become weak, often from sitting at a desk all day in a hunched over state, it can make it hard to sustain good posture over time.

Back hyperextensions can help. Doing these, especially with weights behind your head if you can, improves the strength of your spinal column, so you stand tall. The stronger these muscles are, the more they will resist fatigue when going about your everyday activities also. Back hyperextensions can assist you in keeping your posture upright.

3. Lat Pull-Downs. Finally, lat pull-downs are the last excellent move to incorporate into your back routine. This exercise will help strengthen your latissumus dorsi muscles, the broad muscles that run up and down the sides of your body posterior to each arm.

When this activity is strong, it will provide the stabilization and support the rest of your back needs. It is a major muscle group and not one to overlook in your back training routine. Hit it with lat pull-downs, pull-ups, or even pull-overs if you prefer.

There you have the top moves to help keep your back feeling intense and healthy and enable you to maintain proper posture. Are you overlooking these three moves in your workout routine?

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