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Welcome to “Lose Fat Stat!”. Why the word “stat”? By because losing weight–no matter how much– is a must do now priority– or “Stat!” as they say in hospitals. And we want to stay out of those places!

Everyone’s story is different, but there are similarities:

  • You’ve spent a major part of your life trying to lose weight. 
  • You’ve succeeded at losing weight, but gained it back, either quickly or over time.
  • You’ve tried many diets, and may even have bookshelves of diet books, each promoting a different method )we’ll examine many of these different plans here is weeks to come).
  • You have an unrealistic self-image, thinking of yourself as fat, even at times when you’re not!
  • You have one or more favorite foods or desserts that you simply can not get enough of.
  • You eat when you’re tense, tired, or depressed.

The list goes on and on. It leads to yo-yo dieting, some loss, some gain, and each gain punches you right in the self-esteem solar plexus. 

I’ve lost major amounts of weight three times in my life, each using a different method. You can read about that in My Story.

Our goal here is to offer inspiration, motivation, and success tools to help you. I’m not a medical professional, although I’ve seen the inside of hospitals too many times. We will provide expert information, from reliable sources though. This site is free; you don’t have to buy a thing. We will make available, however, books and products which may help, although in my most recent weight loss, I did it without popular diet secrets or magic herbs.

So welcome… we’ll be adding info on a daily basis, so keep checking in! Thanks for being a part of the group.



Brien Lee


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We all have weight loss “gains and losses”. Go to MY STORY to read mine. It’s a real stories of ups and downs, which finally resulted in being permanently down. Read, then comment and share your story!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably heard all of the craze to do with Keto Diets lately.

However, I URGE YOU to pay close attention to the short, information packed video at the link below before considering any type of Ketogenic Diet.

==>  The Truth About The Ketogenic Diet

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